Membership Benefits and Requirements
Pang Gai Noon Ryuu Karate Dou Seibu Juku

For Distance Learners Advantages and Benefits:

Lifetime Membership (the most valuable asset). No annual fees!

  • One complete set of the nine video tapes (a $449.55 value alone).
  • Student Handbook
  • Pang Gai Noon Ryuu logo patch
  • The right to test via video up to Sho-Dan Rank.
  • Free official certificates for each kyuu rank earned.

How to test via video once you become a member:

With the complete set of instructional videos and the student manual, you will be able to follow the requirements needed to practice. You will need to have a video camera, record yourself testing on VHS and send in your performance to us. Each time you send in your video, you must send in A $50.00 judging and constructive critique fee. You may test for ranks from 10th kyu up to and including Sho-Dan-Hou . After you sign up for membership, you will receive all instructions on what to test on as well as practice requirements. Sho-Dan and ranks above must test in person under Bolz Shihan or Nishiuchi Saikoh-Shihan.

The fee for this entire package is $575.00 (the materials included already exceed this value, plus you have a lifetime membership! No other method of distance membership is accepted due to our mission of keeping training standards high and we wish those members who are truly interested in training, not just hanging a membership certificate on their wall. It should be the goal of distance learners in this organization to spend some time training at the honbu doujou before attempting Sho-Dan and above ranks.

If you decide that this is for you:

Download the application form by clicking on the PDF Icon.
(You will need Acrobat Reader 3.0 or newer to read and print out the application. If you don't have it click on the icon on the left.)
  Print and fill out the application.

Send it and a money order or check to:

Pang Gai Noon Ryuu Karate-Dou Seibu Juku
1666 San Diego Street
Fairfield, CA 94533

We accept Visa and MasterCharge credit cards. Call 707-428-7266.

If you have questions or wish to communicate directly with Bolz Shihan, please e-mail:

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