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This off-shoot organization of Han Ko Nan Ryuu Karate-Dou (Pang Gai Noon Ryuu Karate-Dou, or Uechi Ryuu) is headed by Saikou-Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi, Juku-Chou (President), who is also President of the International Okinawa Kobudou Association. The Shidou-In-Chou (Chief Instructor) is Shihan Mary Bolz, who is a student of Saikou-Shihan Nishiuchi and Kaichou Kinjou of Okinawa. It is Saikou-Shihan Nishiuchi whom Shihan Bolz credits most for her knowledge and expertise acquired during her training of 27 years.

The purpose of this organization is to promote a traditional Okinawan-Japanese budou system to the dedicated few who dare to choose such a path "less traveled" and to present practical applications, both standard analysis (bunkai) and alternative application (oyou), for self-defense purposes. The style, while forceful and dynamic, yet graceful with its circular moves, is not a flashy one and is meant to be effective and efficient first and foremost. The styles' effectiveness for self defense and efficiency of moves relies on the angles and circular moves of technique. This means it truly is a defensive form, whereby a smaller, weaker person has a chance of winning over a larger, stronger foe. Because it is for self-defense and character building, time is also spent for training one's own body such as in "Sanchin" kata and "kotekitae" (forearm pounding method) and other forms of impact body training.

The Han Ko Nan Ryuu (Pang Gai Noon Ryuu) that Bolz Shihan teaches is influenced by the Ko Nan Ryuu taught by Kinjou Kaichou of Naha, Okinawa. This reflects additions that Kaichou has made to the original Han Ko Nan Ryuu and Uechi Ryuu, including one more kata, "Koubuken" and a set of hojou-undou for each kata, which are taught to the student previous to the actual kata, as well as some of his applications (bunkai).

A variety of practical bunkai versions are presented by this organization, including standard (bunkai) and alternative (oyou) applications of the kata and hojou-undou. The twelve kyuu yakusoku kumite and the thirteen dan yakusoku kumite have been created by Bolz Shihan and endorsed by Nishiuchi Saikou-Shihan, indeed, his teachings have influenced these creations greatly. These kumite offer breadth to the basic moves of the style, with effective use of the basic principles of "Pang Gai Noon" movements, also utilizing "tai sa baki" and "ten shin," which are generally regarded in martial arts as higher levels of proficiency and effectiveness, especially useful for a person of smaller physique.

This organization practices a compilation of the standard kata and original twelve hojou-undou of Uechi Ryuu, utilizes the Ko Nan Ryuu version of kata and kata-no-hojou-undou and Saikou-Shihan Nishiuchi's and Shihan Bolz's own insights to enhance self-defense for smaller persons, as presented in the often-used "tai-sa-baki" techniques in Shihan Bolz's yakusoku kumite.

The famous "sokusen" (toe-fist kick) and "sukui-uke" (scoop block) of Pang Gai Noon Ryuu.

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