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Officially formed under this name in 1990 by Saiko-Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi, the International Okinawa Kobudo Association (IOKA) was created to teach traditional Okinawan weaponry with authentic and practical techniques, to maintain high teaching standards, and to retain a core foundation and standardized ranking system.

The headquarters mailing addrress is 2354 Ackley Pl, Woodland, CA 95776 USA. The contact person is Shihan Bolz, Rokudan. She, or Shihan Nishiuchi, can be contacted at 707-428-7266 (this is a phone and fax for IOKA), or e-mail:

There are member dojo world-wide, with approximately 35 member dojo, including dojo in Canada, England, India, Netherlands, Palestine, in addition to the USA. Individual members which are active total around 350, with many more countries included.

There is one Saiko-Shihan, Mikio Nishiuchi and two Shihan, Mary Bolz of the headquarters dojo and James Caldwell, Godan, in La Vista, Nebraska. You may reach him at his e-mail address: or by writing or calling:7742 Greenleaf Drive, La Vista, NE 68128.

Be sure to visit to visit the Shihan Bolz's site for her martial arts/health center:

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