The IOKA has approximately 35 member dojo world-wide including Canada, Great Britain, Palestine, and the USA. Individual, active members from all over the world number about 350. See Listing. Since this organization teaches weaponry only and its members are practitioners of a wide variety of empty hand styles, a member may practice and teach any empty hand style. Kobudo is an art unto itself and degrees that are obtained in it are entirely separate from karate. If you would like to become a member of the IOKA, please download one of the two following membership packs.

Dojo Charter membership is available to instructors and martial arts school owners who are currently 2nd Degree (Ni-Dan) and above in Okinawan Weapons. Contact IOKA Headquarters at 707-428-7266 or email Shihan Bolz.
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Important note: Saiko-Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi has created eleven instructional video tapes which are published by Panther Productions. These may be purchased through this organization directly or from Century Fitness. (Click on link to see video listing.)

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