History of the IOKA

The International Okinawa Kobudo Association was officially formed under this name in 1990 by Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi. However, he has been teaching this method in the United States since 1978, after returning from Okinawa. He is a direct student of the late Master Shinpo Matayoshi and Master Takashi Kinjo, both of Okinawa, Japan.

The organization recognizes twelve Okinawan kobudo weapons: bo, nunchaku, sai, tonfa, kama, iyeku, tekko, tinbei, nunti, suruchin, kuwa and shu-chu (from tettchu). Most work is done with the first six weapons listed here.

The IOKA has approximately 35 member dojo worldwide, including Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Palestine, and the USA, and about 350 individual, active members from all over the world number .

The photo above shows Shihan Bolz, Kaicho Kinjo, and Saiko-Shihan Nishiuchi. Click on the appropriate part of the image to see an individual's biography.    


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